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Duke Coursework

The following table contains links to available course material from my studies at Duke University. This material is provided as samples of my academic performance, and for educational use only.

Schedule of Courses

Advanced Placement Credit

  • ENG 29 Composition & Language
  • HST 91 American Democracy to 1865
  • HIST 92 America 1877 to Present
  • MTH 31 Introductory Calculus I
  • PHY 21 Introductory Physics
  • PHY 22 Introductory Physics

Fall 1999

Spring 2000

Fall 2000

Spring 2001

  • ARTHIST 69D Intro to History of Art
  • BIOLOGY 32L Organismal Evolution
  • BIOLOGY 118 Genetics/Cell Biology I
  • PHYSICS 54L General Physics

Fall 2001

  • BIOLOGY 119 Genetics/Cell Biology II
  • CHEM 151L Organic Chemistry
  • COMPAREA 110 Global Human Geography
  • COMPSCI I Computer Science Fundamentals

Spring 2002

  • BIOLOGY 140L Plant Diversity
  • COMPSCI 6 Introduction to Program Design/Analysis I
  • ENGLISH 63S Introduction to Creative Writing
  • EOS 172L Evolution of the Earth and Life
  • PSY 99 Personality and Social Behavior

Fall 2002

  • BIOLOGY 102L Trees and Shrubs of NC
  • BIOLOGY 149 Comparative Biomechanics
  • BIOLOGY 222L Entomology
  • LIT 20S Special Topics: Introduction to Literature

Spring 2003

  • BIOLOGY 295S Seminar: Photobiology and Visual Ecology
  • EOS 51S Global Change
  • EOS 55 Climate Change
  • PSY 91 Biological Bases of Behavior

Biology Papers

Bio 25L: The Science of Life
Introductory biology course, required for all biology majors
(without AP Biology exam credit of 4 or 5)

2-23-00  Slowing Down the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance with Gene Transfer Disabling Drugs
Undated  Structured, deductive argument to accompany the above essay
3-22-00  Counteracting Resistance with Research on Natural Antibiotic Sources
4-12-00  Preservation of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker's Habitat

Bio 103L: General Microbiology

10-23-00  Antibiotic Sensitivity by Paper-Disk Method - This was a paper that accompanied the presentation my group did on testing the antibiotic sensitivity of a clone of bacteria.
11-30-00  Unknown Organism Lab Report: Bacillus coagulans identified, as given unknown
11-30-00-2  Unknown Organism Lab Report: Staphylococcus aureus identified, as environmental unknown


Philosophy Papers

PHL104: Philosophy of Science
1st semester, freshman year

9-29-99  A Stalemate Between Two Theories of the Universe (referring to the Ptolemaic and Copernican astronomical theories)
10-28-99  On Theory Change in Science
12-3-99  How Reductionism Works in 20th Century Genetics (I suppose we'll include 21st century genetics here as well...)
12-13-99  Four Accounts of the Discovery of DNA's Molecular Structure

PHL43S: Introduction to Philosophy
seminar course, 2nd semester, freshman year

4-3-00  The Role of Folk Psychology in Churchland's Eliminative Materialism
5-2-00  Views on the Moral Permissibility of Lying (click here to view an argument outline for this paper)

2-4 more papers were also written besides these, but I can't seem to find them just yet.

SOC 114: Cybernetworks and the Global Village

9-28-00  The Development of Internet Sites and E-Commerce
10-25-00  Relationships Between Key Companies in E-Commerce
12-14-00  Why Older Americans are Heading for the Internet

UWC5: University Writing Course < (required for all freshmen)

9-6-99  About the Problem with Gloommongers
9-9-99  My Version of "Argument Culture"
9-10-99  Web Project, part 2: Anti-Environment Groups
9-27-99  Waddell's Advice on How to Improve the Ehrlichs' Rhetorical Strategy
10-11-99  Earth Sheltered Homes: Why Every Prospective Homeowner Needs to Get One
10-11-99  Outline for Research Paper
10-11-99  Appendix 1: A Picture Guide to Earth Sheltered Homes
10-11-99 (revised)  Adopting an Energy Efficient Lifestyle: What the Average American Should Do
11-21-99  Living Deficiently or Energy-Efficiently: Which Should We Choose?
12-6-99  Review of "Fooling with Nature" (a movie)
12-8-99  Energy-Efficient Homes: An Environmental Quick Fix


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