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Nature Photography and Bird Watching Mini-Term Trip to the Outer Banks

February 18 and 21-23, 2005
NC School of Science and Mathematics

I came along as a chaperone for the students and was able to do lots of photography. We went to UNC's Mason Farm Biological Preserve and Jordan Lake on Friday, Pettigrew State Park at the Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge on Monday, Lake Mattamuskeet on Tuesday, and Cape Hatteras to meet up with a bird club on Wednesday, followed by a visit to the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge before returning home.

It was a very eventful trip. On Monday and Tuesday I was able to photograph huge flocks of snow geese and tundra swans, as well as seagulls, egrets, a heron, and other birds. Unfortunately on our last day I was wiped out with a cold (later in the week pretty much all the other students had one too, likely due to two contagious students who shared the 14-passenger van with them). Consequently there aren't as many photos from that day, but I did get some great ones from before.

To the right are some photos of me on the trip, taken by Loren Winters and Fred Hurteau. You can view my photos as well as those of others, student presentations, and our trip information at http://courses.ncssm.edu/outer_banks.


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