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Design Portfolio :: Complete Web Sites

The following are screenshots of web sites that I designed and managed completely on my own.

2004-2010 Series

UNC Landscape Ecology and Biogeography Lab (Dr. Aaron Moody)
Duke University's BOOST (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology)
E. K. Powe Elementary School, Durham


Duke Series

John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies
Reginaldo Howard Scholarship Program
Photobiology and Visual Ecology Lab (Dr. Sonke Johnsen)

thm_michaelgrey.jpg thm_jhfc.jpg thm_madeinasia.jpg thm_pass.jpg thm_jhfi.jpg
thm_reggiehoward_new.jpg thm_reggiehoward.jpg thm_photobio.jpg thm_photobio_b.jpg thm_tobaccoproject.jpg


NCSSM Series

NCSSM Chemistry
Tutorial for Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Optical Toys Exhibit

thm_splashes.jpg thm_splashesvid.jpg thm_ncssmchem.jpg thm_ncssmfp2000.jpg thm_opticaltoys.jpg


Realizen/Biophysica Series

various renditions of my personal website, pre-2004

thm_rzn-question.jpg thm_rzn-eb2.jpg thm_rzn-exped_b.jpg thm_rzn-exped.jpg thm_rzn-photovive.jpg
thm_rzn-geodesic.jpg thm_realizen.jpg thm_rzn-gaia.jpg thm_rznchg-earth.jpg thm_rznchg-greatlink.jpg
thm_rzn-earthbuild.jpg thm_rznchg-redir.jpg thm_rznchg-web.jpg thm_biophysica.jpg thm_resonance.jpg


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