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Welcome to the literature section of Realizen. This is a collection of essays, short stories, poems, and other works of literature I've written over the last 15 years.

All this literature got onto this website from years of writing. First came short stories from way back in 1995, then a few poems, and during college, many essays and research papers.  I have my graduate school work on a different section of my website.

All of life is my inspiration for writing; you can see this from the diversity of subjects that can be found here.  Something will happen to me over the course of a day, and I'll write about it because I don't want to forget about it.  That's something that writing does for a person.  It keeps one's thoughts immortal.

Writing is letting someone know how you feel, and keeping that feeling frozen in time.  I've written a lot of things because I wanted to remember what I once thought about this world we share, and to share my thoughts with you. Writing is very much like photography.  A picture may contain a thousand words, but well, there's the thousand-word part to think about.  A picture stops time, freezes it still, and preserves an event from the ravages of lost memories.  A story does the same, just in a different way.  

Spoken words can be forgotten so easily, but when I write to tell someone how much I appreciate him or her, that can never be forgotten.  That will never be lost.  In that way, writing brings us together.




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