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Mentorship Journal - Duke Granular Materials Physics

October 1-November 12, 1999
January 7-February 18, 1999
February 25-April 29, 1999
Final paper describing my mentorship research

Environmental Science Papers

2/9/99 - Predictions for 2020
3/1/99 - The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Growth and Development
3/22/99 - National Atmospheric Deposition Program Lab Questions
3/24/99 - Environmental Damage Prevention

British Literature Papers

9/19/97 - Critical Analysis of “Meditation Eight” by Edward Taylor
4/28/98 - The Theme of Grief’s Impermanence in Dickinson’s “Poem 258”
9/20/98 - Spiritual Uncertainty in “The Seafarer”
10/8/98 - The Commatatus
11/16/98 - What is a Good Marriage?
11/20/98 - Chaucer’s Message in “The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale”
2/19/99 - The Distinction Between Nothing and Something
3/19/99 - The Value of Life as Emphasized in “The Argument” and Other Poems
5/3/99 - Many Interpretations, One Reality
5/17/99 - About the Poem "Church Going"

US History Papers

History Notes - This is actually quite humorous. We were allowed one sheet of notes to take with us for help on the final exam, so I printed this. For maximum benefit, if you're going to do this make sure you read the page several times to 1) make sure you can read it, and 2) you know where certain facts are located.

Interactive Physics Workshop

How Interactive Physics Works
1999 Workshop Plans

Research Apprenticeship Program

8/1/98 - Wortmannin Blockade of the Lethal Effects of 5-Fluoro-2’-Deoxyuridine: The Effects of the Addition Time of Wortmannin

This was my final paper for the Research Apprenticeship Program at UNC-Chapel Hill during summer 1998. It was a summer research internship to encourage students to consider biomedical science as a career. Ironically, this was the summer before I started getting heavily involved in physics, but the prospects of biomedical science would continue to appeal to me long after then.


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