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Vacuum Fluid Dynamics

Electric and Gravitational Forces Linked to the Primary and Secondary Bjerknes Forces in Vacuum

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In this brief 4-page paper, I show mathematically how the Bjerknes force equations from fluid dynamics can explain the gravitational and electric forces. Both forces are thus described using a common mechanism.

Terms of Use

I offer this paper free for your download and review, and encourage that you do so. This paper and the corresponding Excel spreadsheet may be redistributed freely as long as you provide credit to me as the author. If you wish to contact me to discuss this work, please visit my contact page.


This paper describes theoretical work done in an attempt to find a physical mechanism for the gravitational and electric forces. This work demonstrates how both forces can be described as acoustic radiation forces (Bjerknes forces) which exist in a vacuum with fluid properties. Vacuum parameters are derived for use in both Bjerknes force equations to demonstrate the equivalency of these equations to Newton’s gravitational force law and Coulomb’s law.




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